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Hey there! Welcome to my online booking calendar to book a private tour of Space by LS, a Hair Regrowth Consultation, or a One-on-One Consultation. If you are here to book a Space by LS tour (free) section 1 is for you. If you are here to schedule a hair regrowth consultation ($75) Section 2 is for you! If you are here to schedule a one-on-one consultation ($150) section 3 is for you. Thank you!

Private Tour of Space by LS

In Person Only

(30 mins or less) Thank you for considering Space by LS for your upcoming small private gathering! We're thrilled to hear about your interest and would love to assist you in making your gathering a resounding success. Here you can book a date and time to tour our space. Before booking a tour; please make sure you read all information on our website at 

Space by LS Event Center in Holland Michigan

Hair Regrowth Consultation

"Avoid Going Bald"

In-person or virtual

(1 hour, $75) Discover my proven techniques for naturally regrowing hair and preventing baldness. I've successfully rejuvenated my own hair, and now I'm here to share my valuable tips with you. Say goodbye to hair loss worries and embrace a healthier, fuller head of hair. Book my services today to unlock the secrets of natural hair regrowth!


ONE-on-ONE Consultation

(60 minutes, $150) I'm thrilled to greet you. Here, you have the incredible opportunity to book a personalized one-on-one consulting session that caters specifically to your needs, whether it's in person or through virtual channels.


If you're looking to make some extra cash, expand your follower base, and gain valuable insights using social media, then you've come to the right place. I have the expertise and guidance you need. I know countless tricks to maximize your digital engagement and I'm loaded with strategies to help you achieve your goals.


By taking action today, you're not just taking charge of 2024, but you're also opening yourself up to endless opportunities in the future.


Just so you know, your session confirmation and reservation are dependent on submitting full payment first through any of these payment options. Payment is an important step to ensure that your consulting session is officially scheduled and confirmed.

Pay then schedule on my calendar, thank you! 

LS Podcast Studio in Holland Michigan
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