Hello! My name is Lalo Salcedo also known as LS (initials of my first and last name) Thank you for visiting my website. If you and I do not know each other personally; It is a pleasure to finally meet you. If you are a family member or friend visiting for the first time; welcome and thank you for visiting me. This is where you will get to know me more in depth and personally. I encourage you to click on each tab in the menu bar above to learn about my reptile passion, my podcast, the services & products my businesses offer, & more. Connect with me across all social media platforms and my links are located above and below my website. I sincerely pray you and your family are doing well. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again. God bless!

Note: photo in background is of my beautiful wife and I.

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My Story - I was born on February 8, 1979 in Joliet, IL. I was raised in Houston, Texas and I proudly call Holland, MI USA my current home. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Minerva Salcedo and I am the father of 3 beautiful girls (Jasmine, Julissa, and Alianna) and 4 boys (Nathaniel, Angel, Gabriel and my 4th son Kobe the Pitbull.) I am the proud grandfather of 3 adorable boys (Nathaniel Jr, Geovanni, and Dominic) and 2 beautiful girls (Zely and Miah.) I love God more than anything in this world and my daily goal is to include Him in absolutely every aspect of my life. 

I love reptiles with a passion and love reading books. I enjoy listening to Christian music, writing, and learning a new set of skills. I am a serial entrepreneur but consider myself a kingdom entrepreneur! Whats a kingdom entrepreneur you may be thinking? I am a man of God and follow His principles when building my business and working with clients. I do unto others as I would want others to do unto me so I can promise you no shady business practices. I offer many services which you can learn about in the "Services" section of my website. 

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NOTE: Photo in the background is of me as a baby.

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From the winner of the PS5 Give Away 

“Not sure where to start so I’ll start with saying this, God is so good and he always provides! I purchased a $50 raffle ticket to win this PS5. I contemplated on even entering because I thought I’d never win and that $50, I would just lose out on. In that very second I had a thought cross my mind that even if I didn’t win, I was at least contributing to something positive(soon to be reptile exhibit). I thought, “even if I don’t win, this is my contribution to something good and helping someone out. It’s ok if I don’t win.” Fast forward to last night, I was busy at work, I was late(shocker) for the live stream I had to be present for to even win, and I kept having to put my phone down. I picked it back up when I had a couple of free minutes just in time to see the wheel spinning and Boom! It landed on my name!! Call it good karma, good vibes, or even the universe looking out for me but I am just going to sit back and smile because God is so good and the phrase, ”God always provides” has just resonated with me and I feel compelled to share this, always give with a giving heart! *shout out to Lalo Salcedo for hosting this giveaway! Last but certainly not least, the main reason I even asked how to enter the giveaway.. Dominic has been on the honor roll every marking period since the 6th grade! He has straight A’s and currently holds a GPA of 4.0! Ram and I have discussed getting him a PS5 because he definitely deserves one but they are so hard to find and if you do, they are double the price. Well, we have one extremely happy kid right now!”

Elisa Arocha


Elisas son, Dominic

I serve clients across the US with high quality graphic design and printing services and locally with reptile shows, home/ business security systems and installation, and much more. Click on each flyer to learn about some of the many services I offer:


Can you imagine; a full blown


in Holland, Michigan?" 

You can help make this a reality. Listed on the flyer below; is just a small sample of ways you can help our fundraising efforts and receive something in return. The Reptiles Exhibit and Event Center will bring families together from the Holland community, the surrounding communities, and families across the US. CLICK on the FLYER below to LEARN MORE: 


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