Ways to Make Your Payment

I have listed down below the easiest ways you can make a payment for products and services I offer or purchase tickets for any upcoming events I will be organizing. You can also make donations and tips if you are led to do so. I sincerely appreciate your business and always pray that God multiply your payment, donations, and/ or tips in Jesus Mighty, Amen. - Lalo Salcedo

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Click on Messenger app logo and send via Facebook.

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You will see my photo as the profile photo in any the apps you send your payment through and this is how you will know its going to the right person. 

Lalo Salcedo (LS) 


If none of the options above work for you; I do accept cash, reloadable cards like Green Dot and more.  I can also invoice you via email so you can pay via a credit card from your mobile device to save us both time. If you have any questions or concerns; please contact me via the form below or via email or phone.  

​($3 processing fee applies to cc payments. $10 processing fees for security package) 

Pay via apps listed and avoid processing fees.

Thank you for visiting my website. I sincerely appreciate you choosing to do business with me and if you are making a donation or tip in any amount; thank you very much! I hope to see you again! 

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