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Welcome to Space by LS,

where exceptional experiences and cherished memories are crafted! 

Home of BlowoutGFX and ReptilesLS.

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About Us

If you are looking for the perfect small space to host your next small private gathering in Holland, Michigan! Look no further!

Our space is the ideal setting for a wide range of private gatherings. Whether you're planning a men's group meet-up, a women's empowerment session, a heartwarming baby shower, an inviting open house, or a fun-filled family movie night, our space has everything you need to make your gathering truly special.


Tables and Chairs, Lighting, Podium, Restrooms, Parking, Kitchen, Backdrop stands, Drink dispensers, Beverage Holders, 120” HD Screen and Projector, Multiple Big HDTVs with Remote, Wi-Fi Access, Climate Control, Fridge, Freezer, Dishes, Utensils, Food Warmers, Coffee Maker, Keurig with Pod Holder, coffee cups, Microwave, Air Fryer, LED Lights with remote, Selfie wall, and more.

Great space for:

Small workshops, training sessions, business meetings, pop-up shops, art exhibitions, photography showcases, book signings, small networking events, product launches, mini trade shows, yoga or fitness classes, podcast recordings, film screenings, craft or DIY workshops, small gatherings, fashion styling sessions, beauty or makeup demonstrations, product demos or launches, panel discussions, charity fundraisers, art and craft markets, small-scale exhibitions, jewelry or accessory showcases, baby showers, birthday parties, art or painting classes, meditation or mindfulness sessions, poetry or writing workshops, small-scale product sales events, board game or card game nights, language learning sessions, creative brainstorming sessions, small-scale product testing sessions, small-scale product launch events, coding or programming workshops, educational seminars or lectures, small-scale theatrical performances, motivational or inspirational talks, and more.

Seating up 75 | Open House 125

Space by LS Proud Member
Senior Computer Class

Workshops and Seminars

Organize educational or creative workshops and seminars on various topics, such as art, crafts, wellness, and professional development.



Arrange business or social networking gatherings with refreshments that do not include alcoholic beverages.

Fitness Class

Health and Fitness

Arrange fitness classes, yoga sessions, health expos, or wellness retreats promoting a healthy lifestyle without alcohol

Gaming Event Competition

Gaming Nights

Invite people to join in for board or video gaming sessions and encourage social interaction in a relaxed and fun environment.

Art Gallery

Art Exhibitions

Showcase local artists and their work in a non-alcoholic art gallery or exhibition.

Birthday Cake


Perfect space for birthday guests of all ages.

Meetup Event
Whats Sets Us Apart? 

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Experts Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Lined Notebook

House Rules 

We want to ensure that every guest at Space by LS enjoys a safe and pleasant experience. To achieve this, we kindly request all attendees to adhere to the following house rules during their time at our event space:


Wall Clock

Monday - Thursday
8am - 11pm

2 hours for $100, $50 an hour

$100 deposit

Wall Clock

Friday - Sunday
8am - 11pm

5 hours for $250, $75 an hour 

$100 deposit

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100 South Waverly Road Suite 106

Holland, Michigan 49423

(616) 594-0046

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